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Entertaining and quirky, these English-language books set in Chile highlight cultural differences and raise questions about social justice and global environmental practices.

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Transport your readers into the hearts and minds of quirky, memorable characters. Sprinkled with humor and magic realism, the books spark questions around global themes.

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South of Centre

South of Centre novel - cover image

An intriguing saga of hidden family connections

Dipping into some of Chile’s rich history around the time of the Pinochet regime, South of Centre unfolds through multiple narratives and is peppered with magic realism. The story raises questions about social justice and other things that you can never quite get to the bottom of.

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Hard Bed Hotel

Hard Bed Hotel - cover image

A humorous story that mistakes the living for the dead trips along to a delightfully unexpected end.

Jaunting through the General Cemetery of Santiago, everything goes wrong but maybe it’s right, as heaven and earth settle into an unexpected juxtaposition in this twisted Latin tale that is doused with humor and magic realism.

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Book Cover, front of THREADS by Edie Ayala

A story of a woman with an extraordinary gift, another woman who needs one, and the man in the middle.

As two women on opposite ends of the world strive to get by, their distinct coping methods take bizarre twists. It’s about overcoming loss and our shared humanity.

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