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For those who enjoy a cross-cultural, rags to riches saga, some political intrigue, and eccentric characters, this story will spark discussion.

South of Centre

A cross-culture saga, SOUTH OF CENTRE dips into some of Chile’s rich history around the time of the Pinochet regime.

As the truth behind family relationships begins to unravel, questions about corruption, social justice and marginalized people arise.

The story unfolds in a small, northern town trapped on a narrow strip of land between the towering Andes and the Pacific Ocean.

Clorinda is a solitary young woman who freelances as a seamstress in a small desert town where things rarely change. Friendless and eccentric, she dresses in her ‘calendar wardrobe’ as she collects donations of used clothing from which she creates simple works of art.

Clorinda’s world is turned upside-down when an elderly gentleman moves in across the street. He is elegant and sophisticated and he looks like Clark Gable from the movie poster downtown. Obsessed, she sets off to know more, and when he finally befriends her, the story of his life and the truth behind their relationship is slowly revealed.

With the chance that it may be lost forever, the biggest secret hides behind a simple marker at the old man’s tomb and is caught between the crazy threads of Clorinda’s weaving.

Sprinkled with magic realism, SOUTH OF CENTRE is an intriguing saga of lost love and hidden family connections that unfolds amidst eccentric characters, local myths and superstitions.

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“I absolutely loved this book and couldn’t put it down. [The author] has captured life in northern Chile to a tee. She has very successfully woven local stories of townspeople, gypsies, miners, and political events into a charming and most unlikely tale of love. A great read!”
– Amazon review


“I loved this story from the first page [….] The characters are wonderfully full and the place, well it’s a strange and wonderful town full of comedy and love. The writer really knows how to make you laugh, but at the same time there’s a serious emotional story that spans many years.”
– Amazon review

South of Centre, a book you need to read

E-book ISBN 978-0-9880032-5-5

Print book ISBN 978-0-9880032-4-8
6” x 9” paper, 280 pages

FIC008000–FICTION / Sagas
FIC061000—FICTION / Magic Realism
FIC010000—FICTION / Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology

Publisher: Stories with Character

(South of Centre was first published October 2010, author name, Andrea Carter)

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