STORIES driven by quirky characters who surprise even themselves…

BOOKS that you can’t put down…

NOVELS constructed of multiple narratives…

UNDISCOVERED AUTHORS with great stories to tell…

LIBRARY choices…


Having said all of the above, the fact is that Stories with Character is a small publisher and we are currently all about one author. Edie Ayala. So we’re promoting her books. She invents quirky characters who transport us through twisting plots in little-known places. She writes character-driven stories about people who are marginalized or disregarded, who are intriguing and foreign, characters, who, one way or another, haunt us long after we’ve put the book down. Her books are sprinkled with magic realism and humor, and underlying each story are social and cultural questions that are begging for discussion. 

Right now, we are selling 3 titles (see below). For more details, please visit Edie’s site. Or contact us for more information.


South of Centre

“I absolutely loved this book and couldn’t put it down. The author has captured life in northern Chile to a tee. She has very successfully woven local stories of townspeople, gypsies, miners, and political events into a charming and most unlikely tale of love. A great read!” – Amazon review


“I loved this story from the first page [….] The characters are wonderfully full and the place, well it’s a strange and wonderful town full of comedy and love. The writer really knows how to make you laugh, but at the same time there’s a serious emotional story that spans many years.” – Amazon Rreview

Hard Bed Hotel

Hard Bed Hotel is a hilarious book, the kind that sets you laughing aloud to yourself long after you’ve put it down…. if you can put in down, once the plot starts careening towards its unexpected dénouement. – Amazon review


It’s hilarious! The author’s glee in bringing oddball characters to life and off to meet their improbable destinies is infectious. Observations gleaned with an eye for the absurd over long years of residence in Santiago infuse this story with fond insights into some of the least obvious corners of the city. – Amazon review


“This odd little novel bounces between an affluent British Columbia town and a poverty-stalked village in Chile… Ayala  flirts with magical realism here, takes a couple of swipes at New Age Paganism, and frowns severely at first-world consumerism… As a knitter, I was particularly enchanted by the descriptions of the sweaters and by Irene’s use of them to create a barrier between herself and her grief.” – LibraryThing review


““Recommended for: Those who enjoy something more offbeat, who are not afraid of the unlikeability of main characters, or those who want to learn more about what happens to clothes you drop off in those ‘donate your old wardrobe for our future!’ bins.” – LibraryThing review

South of Centre

South of Centre novel - cover image

The intriguing saga of hidden family connections

Dipping into some of Chile’s rich history around the time of Pinochet’s regime, South of Centre unfolds through multiple narratives and is peppered with magic realism. The story raises questions about social justice and other things that you can never quite get to the bottom of.

Hard Bed Hotel

Hard Bed Hotel - cover image

A humorous story that mistakes the living for the dead trips along to a delightfully unexpected end.

Everything goes wrong but maybe it’s right, as heaven and earth settle into an unexpected juxtaposition in this twisted Latin tale that is doused with humor and magic realism.



THREADS novel - cover image

The story of a woman who has an extraordinary gift, a woman who needs one, and the man in the middle.

As two women on opposite ends of the world strive to get by, their distinct coping methods take bizarre twists. It’s about overcoming loss and our shared humanity.